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Monday, April 8th

Happy Monday, TSJ readers! Welcome to the 25th Edition of the Seaport Journal. If TSJ were a young, spry recent graduate, it would now be able to rent a car! Did you know…Enterprise is the largest car rental company in the United States, dominating 44% of the market!

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Cisco Brewery is back baby!
FRIDAY 4/12:

Via The Grand

F1 races into Seaport.

Move over Monaco. Get lost Vegas. Pound sand Miami. It’s Boston’s (read: Seaport’s) time to bask in the glory that is F1 excitement. F1 Arcade, the world’s first premium F1 simulator racing experience, officially opens in Seaport on April 22nd.

Via F1 Arcade

F1 Arcade launched in London in 2022, breached US shores in 2023, and is finally opening its doors here in Boston this month. The Arcade Gaming Market is expected to grow 5.2% annually and will reach $6 billion in market size by 2031.

Entry to the bar and restaurant is free for all, but if you’re looking to get behind the wheel you’ll need to purchase a race package. Prices range from $20 for three races to $35 for five races. Experiences range from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the racing mode the guest chooses. 

Via Graffiti Design

There's a racing mode for everyone: head-to-head experiences for 2-5 people or team competitions for 6 or more people.

Will F1 Arcade unseat Puttshack as the go-to place for a fun date night in Seaport? Will it inspire an F1 race track to come to the Bay State? Will I immediately crash my virtual car on opening night? We’ll just have to wait and see…So buckle up and mark your calendars for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in right here in Seaport!

That’s it for today, Seaport gang. We dare you to forward this email to the BIGGEST F1 FAN IN YOUR FRIEND GROUP!



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