The Seaport Journal - 22nd Edition

Monday, March 18th

Happy Monday, TSJ readers! Welcome to the 22nd Edition of the indubitable Seaport Journal. We hope you all had a great St. Patrick’s Day weekend! Did you know…In 1922, the USSR was formed…having difficulty tying that into a Seaport-related opening, so let’s just dive into it!

MFA Late Nites is officially here.
MONDAY 3/18:
FRIDAY 3/22:
  • Late Nites at the MFA

    • 8pm - 1am

  • Matoma performs at The Grand

    • 10pm - 2am

Courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Don’t take off those Shamrock face stickers quite yet!

St. Patrick’s Day is never really over in Boston. So we figured we’d help push off that hangover a bit by outlining three green treats you can still go out and grab! ☘️ 

The Half Cookie: If you live in Seaport, you have to know what The Half Cookie is. We’ll reluctantly let you in on it if you don’t: The Half Cookie is a woman-owned business founded in 2021, and they are changing the cookie game. In honor of Boston’s favorite holiday, they’re cranking out “Matcha Pistachio” and “Mint Oreo” cookies for all of March.

Juice Press: On the healthier side, our local Juice Press is still selling a beautiful Mint Shamrock Shake, and it’s slightly different than the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake your uncle grew up on... Juice Press uses spinach, kale, peppermint, chocolate chip, vanilla, hemp seeds, cauliflower, banana, and homemade almond milk for their green shake. Quick fun fact while we’re on the topic…the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake was introduced in 1970, but did no go fully nationwide until 2012!

Kane’s Donuts: Kane’s Donuts (only a quick walk from Seaport!) was originally started in 1955, and the current owners Peter and Kay Delios have now owned it for more than three decades. Kane's Donuts has been recognized by outlets such as The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, London Times, [Enter publication less impressive than TSJ here], etc. For the month of March, Kane’s is offering Gluten Free Peppermint and Pistachio flavored donuts!

That’s it for this week TSJ gang. Thank you for your continued support!

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