The Seaport Journal - 21st Edition

Monday, March 11th

Happy Monday, TSJ readers! Welcome to the 21st Edition of the legendary Seaport Journal. If our newsletter was a person, we could legally drink alcohol anywhere on earth 🥺 That’s how that works! Before we begin, we wanted to include a quick shoutout to The Seaport Journal IG. Make sure to give us a follow and spread the word!

Did you know…In 1921, the beautiful country of Ireland won its independence! A fitting fun fact given the festivities on the horizon…

LET’S GO! 🇮🇪

Dine Out Boston is here!
MONDAY 3/11:
FRIDAY 3/15:
  • Ownboss performs at The Grand

    • 10pm - 2am

The Weekly Round Up
A double-feature…

Today, we wanted to highlight two incredible Seaport restaurants. First up? The Nautilus.

The idea for Nautilus came to three young co-workers on Nantucket during the fall of 2013, when a small space on a side street of the island became available for rent. They quickly decided to start their own restaurant, and the Nantucket location was officially established in 2014. Seven years later…they would hit the mainland. 


Each location, Seaport and Nantucket, has a different menu, but shares the same premise: fresh seafood in conversation with Asian flavors. The founding principle of Nautilus is “everything's better when shared.” 

Our second restaurant highlight? Taiyaki NYC Ice Cream. I can already hear the criticism…this isn’t a restaurant…blah blah blah…this is an ice cream parlor…blah blah blah. Nonsense! Taiyaki is an incredible restaurant, and here’s why…

Taiyaki means “fried fish” in Japanese (according to Taiyaki’s website), so it’s most certainly a restaurant (that’s how that works). Did you know…fish shaped pastries are considered a sign of good fortune in Japanese culture and can often be found at festivals and weddings. If you’ve ever been to Taiyaki, you know they serve your ice cream in a beautiful, warm fish-shaped cone as an homage to their founding culture.

Source: EaterNY

Taiyaki was established in NYC in 2016. It currently has only four locations. And for all of you with stomach issues (guilty as charged), they serve lactose-free Taro Slush and offer vegan soft ice cream!

So, make sure to stop at Taiyaki after your next date night at The Nautilus! And tell them TSJ sent you 😃 

That’s it for this week TSJ gang. Thank you for your continued support! We dare you to forward this email to TWO of your favorite Bostonian friends.



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