The Seaport Journal - 20th Edition

Monday, March 4th

Happy Monday, TSJ readers! Welcome to the 20th Edition of the illustrious Seaport Journal. Did you know…The 20th state to join this beautiful union we call the United States was Mississippi. In 1920, an ambitious young lad named Charles Ponzi came up with an innovative new sales scheme…


Warm up those ballots, Chad!
SUNDAY 3/10:

Serafina is one of the many Seaport restaurants participating in Dine Out.

The Weekly Round Up
  1. Eli Manning's alter ego, Chad Powers, is getting his own TV series on Hulu. Omaha Productions will help produce the football comedy. Last week, the Manning Brother's company announced a partnership with the Mint Collective to produce original content.

  2. A Harry Potter TV series is in the works. A Michelle Wie West golf documentary is coming. André 3000 announced a residency at Big Ears Festival in Knoxville. KKR is exiting the music business. Rod Stewart sold his music catalog for $100m. UMG purchased a majority stake in Mavin.

  3. Morgan Wallen is opening a 6-story bar, restaurant & music venue in Nashville. "This Bar" will include a menu co-curated by Wallen, exclusive merch & three live music stages.

  1. There's controversy over the new MLB uniforms as players complain of see-through pants. No issues with the new NSWL uniforms.

  2. Tyler, The Creator designed a Louis Vuitton capsule. FC Barcelona prodigy Lamine Yamal is partnering with adidas. The Nike Lebron 4 'Fruity Pebble' is getting its first-ever release. Check out the Palm Angles and Haas F1 team's latest capsule.

  1. Samsung is getting into wearables with a new smart ring. It will provide a range of health measures including a vitality score that tracks alertness & clarity. Nootropics enhance cognitive function. Oura can now measure your resiliency to stress.

  2. A new drug makes allergies to food less life-threatening. Optimize your gut health. Our brains are built to avoid exercise. Factory farming is bigger than you think.

Extremely sweet celebrations…

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s officially March aka Women's History Month aka almost spring (?). SO, as an ode to all of the entrepreneurial women out there, we are going to highlight two incredible woman-founded businesses that call Seaport home. Yes - they both happen to also sell delicious treats (extremely important to us here at TSJ).

Up first? Tatte. Everyone knows and loves Tatte. It really is a Boston and Seaport classic at this point. But, we bet you don’t know the story of its legendary founder: Tzurit Or. Originally from Israel, Tzurit's passion for baking was ignited during her childhood, inspired by her grandmother's kitchen and the aromas of freshly baked goods.

After completing her mandatory military service, Tzurit followed her dreams to pursue a career in the culinary arts. She attended the prestigious École Hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland, where she honed her skills and cultivated her love for pastry and cuisine.

In pursuit of new opportunities, Tzurit ventured to the beautiful United States. With a vision to blend her Israeli roots with her European training, Tzurit opened the first Tatte location in Brookline, Massachusetts, in 2007. Her goal was to create a welcoming space where patrons could indulge in exquisite pastries, gourmet sandwiches, and artisanal coffee. Tatte now has 35+ locations in the Greater Boston and Washington D.C. area, and Ron Shaich, then CEO of Panera Bread, purchased over 50% ownership of Tatte in 2016. Get that bag, Tzurit.

This Seaport STAPLE is open 7am 8pm Monday through Saturday, and 8am- 7pm on Sunday.

Tatte is always the spot for a fresh croissant!

Our second woman-founded business that calls Seaport home is none other than Baked by Melissa.

Melissa Ben-Ishay was an assistant media planner who lost her job in 2008. Her brother then prophetically told her “Don’t worry, it’s the best thing that could ever happen to you.” And he was right! Melissa began experimenting in her tiny New York City apartment, baking bite-sized cupcakes that were bursting with flavor. Her creations were inspired by her childhood memories of baking with her mother and the joy that came from sharing sweet treats with loved ones.

In 2008, she opened the first Baked by Melissa store in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood. The concept was simple yet revolutionary—offering customers a variety of miniature cupcakes that allowed them to indulge without the guilt of committing to a full-sized treat.

Baked by Melissa quickly became a sensation, captivating New Yorkers with its whimsical flavors, colorful presentations, and bite-sized delights. As word spread, demand for Melissa's cupcakes soared, prompting the opening of additional locations across New York City and beyond, including our very own Seaport in 2022. Now, they have 14 locations and ship their baked goods nationwide. 

Make sure to stop by the Seaport location anytime from 11am - 7pm and tell them who sent you :)

Did someone say Dune 2?

Nope. No one did. We’re just throwing it in the title for SEO purposes. What someone did say was Anyone But You. Specifically, TSJ reader Hailey W. below, who took advantage of our favorite deal in town: $7 movie tickets on Tuesdays at Alamo Drafthouse! Unbelievable bargain. Make sure to tell them TSJ sent you…

The T(SJ)! Submitted by TSJ reader Hailey W.

BOOM! That’s it for this week TSJ gang.

We dare you to forward this email to TWO of your favorite Bostonian friends.



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