The Seaport Journal - 18th Edition

Monday, February 19th

Happy President’s Day TSJ readers! We have to kick things off this week with a special shout out to George Washington. Forever the highest-ranking man in the US military, a 6’ 2” god, and the subject of a recent Shane Gillis performance. This one’s for you, king.

Let’s dive into it…

Après, Après, Après.
MONDAY 2/19:
FRIDAY 2/23:
The Round Up




Are you inkspired yet?

We’re willing to bet you did not know our lovely little Seaport neighborhood had its very own badass tattoo shop. Why are we willing to bet that? Because we didn’t know it either - and Seaport is kind of our thing. A mere eight minutes away from The Grand (lol) is Seaport Tattoo, a 4.6 star-rated tattoo shop right in our backyard.

Jimmy Johnson, owner and operator of Seaport Tattoo.

Seaport Tattoo was established in 2017 by owner and operator Jimmy Johnson. Johnson is a legend in the tattoo game, holding the first-ever issued tattoo license in the state of Massachusetts: #001.

In an interview with The Boston Voyager, Johnson described the permitting process he went through before opening up Seaport Tattoo as “painful.” We don’t often get political, but if a tattoo artist is referring to a permitting process as “painful,” maybe we should look into that…? Mayor Wu?

So if you’re already planning your Seaport Journal-inspired tattoo, head on over to Seaport Tattoo during these bitterly cold winter months. One of the (few) benefits of this time of year: tattoos heal better in the cold! We’ll wrap things up with a few trivia questions…

  1. Which nation in the world has the population with the highest percentage of tattooed citizens?

  2. What percentage of Americans have a tattoo?

  3. What is the most commonly tattooed body part?

  4. How many tattoo parlors exist in the world?

Answers below…

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That’s all folks! Forward this email to all of your beautiful Bostonian friends and hit “reply” to let us know your thoughts on this edition.

Trivia answers:

  1. Italy

  2. 45%

  3. Forearm

  4. 20,000

We’ll see you next week,


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