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Monday, January 29th

Happy Monday TSJ readers! Today your inbox has been blessed with the fifteenth edition of The Seaport Journal: your go-to source for everything happening in Boston’s greatest neighborhood! Let’s jump straight into it.

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MONDAY 1/29:

Ian Asher brings his talents to The Grand this Friday.

Union Square Hospitality Group is officially joining the party.

In the vibrant world of Seaport culinary happenings, there are few things as noteworthy as the Big Apple heavyweight, Union Square Hospitality Group, announcing their plans to open two restaurants in Seaport in 2025. This is our Moby Dick, ladies and gentlemen. This is yet another instance of NYC-based food spots making the leap to Seaport, just like our beloved Borrachito and Mia’s Brooklyn Bakery, and TSJ is definitively the best place to remain in-the-know.

USHG’s Gramercy Tavern in NYC.

Now, the exact details surrounding this gastronomic news bomb remain slightly mysterious; however, our keen investigative team has uncovered some crucial stuff:

1) The upcoming concepts will in fact be an extension of Union Square Hospitality Group's existing concepts. So they’re not quite unveiling a new brand or flavor, but that’s okay! We’re not mad (but we’re low key not happy). Anyways, one of the spots will be more on the chill side, while the other is less chill, or as USHG’s ever-insightful CEO Chip Wade described it in his recent statement to the Globe, “culinary forward and creative.” Ah, yes, exactly. Makes perfect sense (Narrator: it does not make sense).

2) So, where's this feast going down? None other than the Commonwealth Pier, a hive of mixed-use development activity.

USHG’s two new restaurants will be coming to Commonwealth Pier in 2025.

As we savor this influx of gastronomic diversity, we can't help but ponder: Do you think Seaport will reign supreme as the ultimate dining destination in Boston? Let us know…

The world famous donut at USHG’s Daily Provisions restaurant in NYC.

High quality content for a high quality audience.

We’ll end things today on a slightly spicier note: after the Chiefs win over the Ravens last night, Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy claimed that the Chiefs’ dynasty is now comparable to the Patriots’ dynasty. Yeah…we’re going to pass on that, Pres. Not sure what his angle is here, but this is a huge failure. Our six rings will forever and always best their two rings (the ring they won in 1970 is a joke and doesn’t count).


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